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Back to the Beginning (again)


This is the long overdue update for this page...


'Oneiric Moor' started in 1999 as a web page for Allan Holdsworth fans.

It has been regularly updated with the help of many until 2005 when it ended

for various reasons. Anyway !

The website was reborn in 2007 under a static form, an archive presenting the content of the old version minus the photos, videos, forum and news.

It stagnated with almost no updates until 2013, (that is now !)

And it is hopefully beginning a new life now...

The 2013 version will still be a repository for documents but with a more dynamic or active plan for updates.

If you are willing to post documents here (interviews, articles, transcriptions...) please contact me privately via my Facebook page

I hope you will enjoy this new beginning (again).




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