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The Silent Man in Tempest by Andrew Tyler, Disc (1973)

Sad Scene may Softs by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker (1974)

Player of the Month, Beat Instrumental (1978)

Allan Holdsworth by Gary Cooper, Beat Instrumental (1979)

The Reluctant Virtuoso by JC Costa, Guitar World (1981)

No Record Contract, No Big Hoopla... by Peter Mengaziol, Guitar World (1982)

The Innocent Abroad by Jock Baird, Musician (1984)

Allan Holdsworth's New Horizons by Bill Millkowski, Downbeat (1985)

Synth Axe by Tom Mulhem, Guitar Player (1986)

Guitar like a Saxophone by Bill Milkowski, Guitar World (1987)

Ignoble Prize for out of left field by Wolf Marshall (1987)

Introduction to the Synthaxe by John Hollis (1997)

Allan Holdsworth and the DG Technology (2000)


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